Premix at Fakuma – The hottest topics of the industry, including the Finnish Sauna!

Meet the newcomers of our PRE-ELEC® portfolio:

Electrically conductive POK (Polyketone)
Developed for applications like fuel filler systems and fuel transfer lines. Due to its resistance against hydrocarbons and its mechanical properties it can be used as replacement for PA and POM.

Electrically conductive, halogen free FR-PP compound
A perfect match for industrial air venting tubes. The chemical resistance and flame retardant properties (V0-3mm) are optimized and meet the industry requirements.

Electrically conductive TPU
High quality, non-marking material which can be colored in red, blue or other dark colors.

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Come experience the real Finnish Sauna!

At our sauna booth, you can experience the real Finnish Sauna – virtually. Put on the 3D glasses and feel the heat! Throw water on the sauna stoves and amazing things may follow…


The sauna experience is available from Tuesday until Friday. Make sure not to miss it!

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