Newcomers of PRE-ELEC® family

Electrically conductive POK (polyketone) for automotive applications

Premix’s PRE-ELEC® POK is developed for controlling static electricity in applications where hydrocarbon emissions need to be controlled. PRE-ELEC® POK has very low permeation to gasoline and can be used as replacement for PA and POM in automotive fuel filler systems, fuel lines and fuel transfer pipes.

In PE-HD pipes with electrically conductive inner layer POK results in lighter products. When electrically conductive PE-HD will be replaced with PRE-ELEC® POK there is no need for barrier layer anymore. Therefore, the number of pipe layers will drop to three instead of traditional five.

Benefits of PRE-ELEC® POK:

  • very low permeation, no need for barrier polymers in multilayer constructions
  • excellent chemical resistance
  • low moisture absorbtion
  • good dimensional stability
  • good creep resistance

If you are looking for a solution to reduce total costs of your product, ask us for your sample and find out more!

Electrically conductive, halogen free PRE-ELEC® FR-PP compound is a perfect match for industrial duct systems

In industrial environments the presence of gases and dusts cause the risk of explosion by static discharge. Electrically conductive plastics have the ability to conduct electricity and can therefore eliminate the ignition risks. PRE-ELEC® FR-PP offers optimized electrical conductivity, flame retardant property (V0-3 mm) and chemical resistance in one package making it perfect match for industrial requirements.

Benefits of PRE-ELEC® FR-PP in industrial duct systems:

  • cost savings through lower density compared other commercial grades
  • easy welding
  • excellent mechanical properties
  • halogen-free, sustainable choice
  • very high flow material

Looking for more color in your ESD products? Check out our electrically conductive TPU

Carbon fiber filled PRE-ELEC® TPU is an optimal choice for ESD applications requiring a soft, abrasion resistant and non-marking material. Highly conductive carbon fibers ensure the required strength and conductivity. We recommend colorable, slip resistant PRE-ELEC® TPU for ESD-products like wheels, rollers, arm rests, table edging and handles.