Hanna Ristola appointed to the Board of Growth Collective Finland

News from Premix | June 7, 2019

Premix’s Managing Director Hanna Ristola has been an active member of the Growth Collective Finland since 2016. In April, the Collective complemented its Board with two new members: Hanna Ristola and Moaffak Ahmed. The other Board members are Timo Saalasti, Aaro Cantell, Laura Juvonen, Risto Siilasmaa and Asko Schrey.

Over the years, I have gained so much from the Growth Collective, that it is an honour to be a member of its Board. I’m excited to be involved in developing the Collective further and share all the good things that I have received to others, says Hanna Ristola.

Kasvuryhmä (Growth Collective Finland) is a movement bringing together Finnish mid-sized companies in the pursuit of growth. Its members are helping one another become world changing success stories. As Hanna puts it:

In the Growth Collective, it is all about courage: you have to be brave enough to dream big!

In 2018, Hanna Ristola received the “Golden Hoe” acknowledgement from the Growth Collective for her inspirational attitude and work within the Collective.

Visit the Growth Collective Finland website for more information.

Hanna Ristola, Premix's Managing Director

Hanna Ristola, Premix's Managing Director

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