PRE-ELEC® PA 17970 — NEW injection molding compound for fenders, technical parts, and electrostatic painting

News from Premix | March 21, 2022

PRE-ELEC® PA17970 is an electrically conductive thermoplastic polyamide 6 compound with enhanced mechanical properties from glass fiber filling. The glass fiber content is 25 wt-%. The conductivity is achieved by using a special conductive carbon black.

The grade has been designed for automotive parts, like fenders and fuel filler door covers, that need to be electrostatically painted. It could also be used in some applications where PPE/PA compounds are traditionally used, providing a more simple solution.

In addition to good mechanical properties (e.g. low warpage), the grade has good thermal properties.

Auto body repair series: Painting car bumper in paint booth

The product can be used, e.g., in electrostatic painting