Premix Implements EverythingDiSC® Workplace Personality Profile

News from Premix | September 16, 2019

Trust and open communication are the basis for a good co-operation

Communication and interaction in a work community, or any other community for that matter, is essential – yet not always that easy! At Premix, our working culture emphasizes openness, trust, mutual respect and every employee’s ability to grow and develop. To support the spirit of the working culture, good communications and first-class leadership Premix has introduced EverythingDiSC® Workplace.

In a growth company, it is essential that everyone can and dare to express their opinions. This demands trust, which is built with the help of visible behaviour and interaction. Often, the problems in interaction are a consequence of the fact that we don’t understand individual differences. When we learn how to better know our own personality and recognize other people’s behavioural styles, we can adapt our behaviour and thus ensure a smooth co-operation.

“Understanding diversity is part of respecting one another. In a work community we need different personalities and none of the behavioural styles is better than the other”, says Mari Lippojoki, Premix’s HR Director.

There are various profiling tools to support work communities’ interactions. Premix chose to use a tool called EverythingDiSC®.

”I had previous experience in few tools, including EverythingDiSC®, and to me it seemed that this tool suits us best. I certified to be a DiSC coach in order to ensure we actively incorporate our new DiSC knowledge into the daily work”, says Mari.

All Premix upper collars were offered a chance to participate in EverythingDiSC® Workplace profiling and nearly everyone took advantage of the opportunity.

“I was delighted to see the enthusiasm that Premix personnel had for this. Naturally, these profiles are not the only or 100 % truth. However, we have gained many good ideas to identify the behavioural styles of ourselves as well as our colleagues. This will have a good impact on our teamwork”, says Mari.

The precondition for having one’s EverythingDiSC® profile made was to openly share the profile with others. All profiles can be seen in an online portal where you can also find tips for working together with different kind of DiSC personalities.

Besides the internal communications, we intend to utilize EverythingDiSC® way of thinking in customer co-operation. One of our core values is Customer Promise. We constantly aim to improve the customer experience, on which good interaction has a significant effect. Thus, the learnings of EverythingDiSC® will likely make us better communicators also when in contact with partners and customers.

“We now have a solid base to build on. Now that we better understand different behavioural styles, I’d like that understanding to show in our everyday routines. We have already listed many actions and are currently evaluating their implementation and timetable. We will ensure that we take full advantage of this”, promises Mari.

DiSC is a shortening of the words Dominance, Influence, Steadiness ja Conscientiousness.

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