Premix’s High Quality is Controlled by a Superb Team

News from Premix | January 29, 2019

R&D, Quality Control and Production operate seamlessly together

Offering high quality materials is a matter of honour for us. Our high quality does not happen by chance, it happens as a result of a good and seamless co-operation between the Quality Control, Production, and R&D units. Our Quality Control operates night and day, six days a week and no batch gets dispatched without a thorough inspection!

The specs for each product are defined by our R&D Experts to optimize the best possible quality and fit with the customer’s process. In our lab, we take samples out of each batch and analyse them using an extensive range of laboratory equipment and methods.  The analysis is based on the machining method best suitable for the product in question. Additionally, we are able to pilot different machining methods, such as injection molding, to ensure the best possible match.

Our R&D experts are happy to participate in the customers’ trial runs to understand the process and make sure that our material works. In this video, our R&D Engineer Heidi Uusitalo shares her thoughts of a successful project.

Although our technical quality and quality control are on a high level, there is naturally always a possibility of an error situation. In such cases, we follow a strict procedure to find out the root cause and to prevent the situation from happening again.

The high quality is not restricted only to materials, but applies to our service, too.  Our global Customer Service Team is happy to answer any questions you may have. We are happy to receive any feedback of our products or services and follow up the received feedback carefully.


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