Radka To Represent Premix’s PREPERM RF Materials

News from Premix | May 12, 2020

Premix and Radka have a long-term partnership in the field of electrically conductive plastic material solutions. Now we are happy to announce that RADKA International s.r.o. is the official distributor also for Premix’s PREPERM® material solutions.

Premix has a wide and global network of distributors. Radka has successfully distributed Premix’s electrically conductive plastics in the Czech Republic, Republic of Belarus, Poland, Romania and Serbia for years already. Thus, it was only natural to add the PREPERM® product family to their portfolio. The thermoplastic PREPERM® material solutions enable fast wireless data transfer in various industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, healthcare and telecom.

- The Radka team is very professional and innovative, always eager for new challenges. We are happy that Radka can now serve our Eastern European customers even better, fulfilling their needs in the field of dielectric plastics, too, says Premix’s Sales Manager Oxana Helenius-Yusupova, who supports Radka in all their operations.

The PREPERM® grades cover a wide range of dielectric constants from 2.6 up until 23, and they can be both injection molded and machined easily. These grades have very stable dielectric performance and low losses. In addition to raw materials, the product family covers ready-made parts from stock shapes and components to 3D filaments as well as services. The patented PREPERM® materials boost the performance of antennas and other RF components to new levels. Please learn more at www.preperm.com or contact your local representative!


The local experts available for you:

Mr. Aleš Hlavička
RADKA spol. s r.o. Pardubice, Czech Republic

[email protected]

Ms. Natallia Tryfanava
Radka Belarussia, Republic of Belarus
[email protected]

Ms. Magdalena Świąder
Radka Polska Sp. Z.o.o., Poland
[email protected]

Ms. Edina Moisin
Radka SRL, Romania
[email protected]

Mr. Vladimir Bucalović
Radka d.o.o. Beograd, Serbia
[email protected]

Radka is a trading company with high-quality chemical-technical products. Radka has a leading position in the plastics and rubbers distribution market in Central and Southeastern Europe and they have an advanced logistic network of distribution warehouses in several European countries.

RADKA International s.r.o. (https://www.radkainternational.eu/)


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