Riding the waves of tech innovations – our new website is now open!

October 18, 2018

Our company is in the frontline of business development, both in electrically conductive plastics and in RF materials.
We ride the waves of tech innovations and wanted that to show in our website, too. Welcome to visit our updated website!


We have built our new website with you – our customer – in mind. We have updated navigation, layout & design and the structure of our content. With these changes we want to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Like before, the emphasis is on our products, services and solutions. We are not only presenting our materials, though. We have collaborated with the best experts in the field and put together a Questions & Answers section explaining the related phenomena. In addition, you can hear the voice of our customers in the success stories. And if you are more into technical details, please remember to sign up to our Data Center. Hopefully you will learn something new about us, too: who we are, how we work and how did it all begin. By watching My Job videos you may have a glimpse what an ordinary day at Premix might look like when four Premix experts share their career stories.

Premix operates in two business areas: electrically conductive plastics and RF materials. The RF material solutions are presented in detail at our PREPERM® brand site www.preperm.com, but you can easily navigate there from the premixgroup.com website.

Be sure to check our website regularly for latest news and stories! Additionally, please connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to stay engaged in our updates.

Join us on the journey to success!

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