Boost your business with electrically conductive concentrates

Electrically conductive carbon black concentrates have become increasingly popular in the modern business environment. Today cost-efficiency and its continuous improvement are essential to market success, which is why concentrates are an excellent way to reduce your raw material costs. One small yet innovative step can lead to significant cost savings. In Premix’s PRE-ELEC® concentrates, the carbon black content has been optimized to the highest possible level. When buying PRE-ELEC® concentrate from Premix, you do not pay extra for unnecessary polymers, freight or compounding work – the kind of hidden costs you often encounter with conventional compounds.

A pioneer already in the 1990s

The concept of electrically conductive concentrates is not new. Premix came up with the idea already in 1990s, when the first carbon black filled PRE-ELEC® concentrates were developed in the company’s laboratories. However, it took another decade before interest in electrically conductive concentrates started to pick up.
“Our first concentrate customer was from the beginning of the 2000s – an American injection molding company specializing in the manufacture of polypropylene boxes. For once, the selling part was easy, because the customer took an immediate interest in the product. We were able to offer them something that they didn’t even know they needed,” says Premix’s Senior Business Manager Peter Ristikangas, who helped to seal the deal. “In the last ten years, processing machines have also taken a step forward and are now equipped with more effective mixing units. This development has really lowered the threshold to use concentrates.”

Extensive product range and expertise at your service

Especially in extrusion applications like electrically conductive sheets and pipes, carbon black concentrates have gained market share in the last few years. In injection molding concentrates are increasingly used in the manufacturing of large articles like pallets. Premix offers a wide selection of concentrates for different applications. The newest addition to the Premix concentrate family is PRE-ELEC® PS 1340 – a polystyrene-based concentrate for sheet extrusion. The new product enables you to achieve static dissipative surface resistance levels even at a dilution rate of 70%.

Concentrates also allow you to modify product properties. To ensure maximum cost efficiency, recycled plastics or regrind from your own processes can be used to dilute the concentrate. To impart stiffness and strength to the finished product, you can use reinforced plastic in the dilution process. You can also modify the flame-retardant properties of your product by including a flame-retardant masterbatch in the process.

When introducing concentrates to your process for the first time, it pays to be careful. Process parameters and equipment affect the conductive properties of the finished product. This is why you should test the dilution ratio before beginning actual production. It’s also important to monitor the product’s surface resistance during the production process. Premix’s sales and R&D team can recommend the right plastic for your dilution process and help you with questions related to the measurement and monitoring of conductive properties.

Start manufacturing with greater cost-effectiveness today! Please consult Premix’s sales and R&D team at [email protected] to find the right conductive concentrate for your needs.

Figure 1. PRE-ELEC® PS 1340 enables you to achieve static dissipative surface resistance levels even at a dilution rate of 70%.