Corporate Social Responsibility

All our actions are in line with our company purpose: Premix creates a safe and ultra-connected society with functional plastics.

For us, safety is a top priority.  In all our operations, we follow strict safety procedures to ensure not only the safety of our employees but also a minimal effect on the environment. As a stable company, we offer a safe working place for our employees while at the same time contributing to the progression of the local communities.  With our materials and products, we improve the safety of the society. In addition to ensuring people and environment safety, we want to contribute to the health and wellbeing of people. 

As a producer of plastic materials and compounds, we are fully aware of the negative effects that most of all the disposable plastics have on the environment. Although the plastics we operate with, are far from disposable, we share the concern and take considerable actions for protecting the environment. We are constantly enhancing our production processes and material effectiveness for example through reuse and recycling. We aim to reach continuous improvement in our health, safety and environmental performance. Our production makes solutions come true every day. We know that our customers can produce the best products using the best raw materials only. For us, only the best is good enough. When you see the Premix logo, you know you can trust the product.


Plastics in Important Duties

From the perspective of the entire use of natural resources, it is not justifiable in any way to end the use of plastics. Giving up plastics would be harmful for people and the environment since plastics have important duties for the functionality​ and sustainable development of society. ​ Plastic and plastic products save energy and cut greenhouse emissions, among other things, by lessening waste, by making transportation more efficient, and by acting as insulation. ​ Plastics make food last longer, ensure clean drinking water and are important factors in modern health care. Our plastic materials, for example, are used as pipette tips in Diagnostics  The benefits of plastics are based explicitly on their light weight. The light weight has a direct connection to the consumption of fossil fuels. A light plastic component in a vehicle with many light plastic parts brings both cost and energy saving.

However, any plastics should not end up in nature but should be recycled instead. For two years in a row now, we have participated in a campaign organized by the Finnish Plastics Industries Federation. The campaign was aimed at reminding people that the responsible use of plastics does not mean giving up plastics. Instead, recycling of plastics must be made easier and more effective. During a day which freely translated could be called “a Bucket Day", we have invited the people from the surrounding area to bring their used hard plastic goods to our premises and delivered them for recycling.

In one day, we received an enormous amount of recyclable goods along with wishes to organize the event more often – a wish that we happily will fulfil!

The next event will be held in June 2020 at our HQ in Rajamäki! The exact date will be announced later. Read more about the event at (mainly in Finnish).



Responsible Care®  programme

We are fully committed to the chemical industry’s global Responsible Care® sustainability programme. In total, more than 60 countries around the world participate in this. In Finland, 98 companies have committed to the programme, representing some 80 % of all production in the chemical industry.

More sustainable products with PRE-ELEC® and PREPERM®

Products' life-cycle and environmental footprint are important factors designers have to consider in their work. Both our PRE-ELEC® and PREPERM® product families may help to design more sustainable products.

We are also fully committed to the chemical industry’s global Responsible Care ® sustainability program.

Conductive plastics have many advantages compared to metals: 

  •   Adjustable electrical conductivity
  •   Light weight
  •   Wide range of properties available
  •   Good processability (also in 3D shapes)
  •   Mass-production friendly

PREPERM® is a sustainable choice

  •  Weight reduction through lower density
  • Lower loss equals lower energy consumption
  •  RoHS and REACH compliant, halogen and heavy metal free
  •  Recyclable

Central themes of the Responsible Care program:

  • Sustainable use of natural resources
  • Sustainability and safety of production and products
  • Well-being of the work community
  • Open interaction and co-operation

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