Our Story

40 years of success in functional materials

How did it all begin?

It all started in the 1980s when one of our customers – a leading TV set manufacturer – was faced with the fact that broken TV sets were sent back to them. It turned out that as the components of the TV sets got smaller, they were exposed to electrostatic discharge while stored and transported in plastic boxes.

The TV set manufacturer contacted Premix’s founder Antti Kiikka and asked him to search for a solution to their problem. Naturally, Antti Kiikka accepted the challenge and was convinced that the problem could be solved with electrically conductive plastics.

Premix already had the know-how of modifying plastics and handling carbon black to create conductivity in plastic materials. The company had been involved in developing electrically conductive foil material for stencil duplicating machines. As development moved forward, this old technology had to give way to the new photocopying technology. Nevertheless, this development project had given Premix valuable expertise in the field of electrically conductive plastics. Thus, Antti Kiikka and his team were able to quickly deliver a suitable material solution for the TV set manufacturer. And as they say - the rest is history.


                  Early 80's. Premix Oy headquarters in Rajamäki, Finland.


Once the solution was found, Antti Kiikka quickly understood that this was a product with huge global potential. Although it was long before the age of start-ups that’s exactly how he worked: quickly entering the global market before competitors would get ahead. Premix recruited a network of global distributors and tirelessly toured exhibitions and events around the world.

The investment was worth it. Today, the company is the leading specialist in the area of electrically conductive plastics. We serve many industries and are known for our top-quality material solutions.

Exploring new solutions

It’s at the core of our business to constantly develop ourselves and the industry further. See what we have accomplished together with VTT, one of the leading research and technology organizations in Europe!

Creating a Safe Society with Functional Materials

It's in our DNA to grab the opportunities and face them with passion. We eagerly look for new challenges and solve them together with our customers. This is how we create materials that matter.

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