Creating a safe society with electrically conductive plastics

Plastics are normally insulators in their nature. They charge very easily and will stay charged even when grounded. The risk related to uncontrolled electrostatic discharges may realize in ignition and explosions of flammable atmospheres, operational problems in manufacturing and material handling processes, electrostatic shocks for people or malfunction and breakage of electronics components and equipments.

Unlike normal plastics, conductive plastics have the ability to conduct electricity. When grounded conductive plastics remain in zero potential and do not accumulate static electricity. Electrically conductive plastics are right material choice for applications and environments where the risks related to static electricity are present and have to be eliminated.

Solving EMI shielding challenges with thermoplastics

PRE-ELEC® materials are now available for EMI shielding! The light-weight PRE-ELEC® is an excellent choice for this purpose due to its very good shielding effectiveness and uniform conductivity even in thin and complex shapes. What would EMI shielding enable in your industry? Click to discover more details!

Creating a safe society with electrically conductive plastics

Protecting electronics components from uncontrolled electrostatic discharge (ESD)

The smaller the electronics component, the more prone it is to static electricity. Today ESD protection has become even more important, due to ever-decreasing size of electronics components.

Electrically conductive and static dissipative plastics protect components from failures and breakage caused by uncontrolled electrostatic discharge (ESD) in electronics production and logistics. This will guarantee a longer operating life for electronic devices.

Ensuring a safe working environment in explosive atmospheres

The safety of people and environment are the key issue when vapors, gases and dusts are processed, transported and used.

Static electricity may lead to problems in different manufacturing and material handling processes. Liquids and powder particles will charge up due to the materials inner friction and the friction between the particles and the process equipment e.g. pipes, mixers and filters. These risks will be eliminated by using reliably earthed electrically conductive plastics with permanent conductive property.

For safer healthcare, accurate laboratory analyses and body monitoring

There is no room for static electricity in health-related operations. In hospital environments static electricity may cause several risks: electrostatic shocks  to personnel, electromagnetic interference to equipment, contamination through electrostatic attraction and ignition of flammable agents. Groundable, electrically conductive and static dissipative plastics are one important mean to minimize and prevent the ESD risks in hospital and other healthcare environments.

Electrically conductive plastics are also excellent materials for liquid level detection applications and have played a key role in in-vitro diagnostics since 1990’s . A single pipette tip made out of electrically conductive plastic enables the functionality of the whole complex technological diagnostics process.

Electrically conductive thermoplastic polyurethane is the excellent choice for wearable electronics due to it's excellent chemical resistance. Thank's to Premix's elastomer modification technology in this material the low resistivity is combined with easy processability and stable properties.

Other application areas for electrically conductive plastics

Due to their light-weight, non-corrosive nature and easy processability electrically conductive plastics are also used in metal replacement applications.

Apart from the most common application areas, electrically conductive plastics serve many industries and application areas e.g. in:

  • battery and fuel cell technology
  • conductors and wires
  • electrically conductive fibers
  • air- and water cleaning technology
  • EMI-shielding (EMI=electromagnetic interference)
  • controlling ESA (electrostatic attraction)

From Premix you will not only find a right product for your application, but also application-specific know-how and assistance for your production trial runs.

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