Bigbag Type C (FIBC) Applications

Electrically conductive PRE-ELEC® plastics for conductive FIBC bags

Conductive FIBCs, or FIBC type C bags, are made from non-conductive fabrics interwoven with conducting threads. They can be used to transport flammable powders and in spaces where flammable vapors, gases, or combustible dusts are present. Conductive inner lining increases the safety of these products.

PRE-ELEC® compounds meet the highest customer requirements

Our portfolio covers materials specially innovated for thin applications. A selection of compounds and concentrates is available for FIBC type C applications (raffia tapes, monofilaments, and films).

The material properties of our grades are excellent. We use high-quality raw materials, and the plastic produced is well dispersed and easily processable.

Premix has extensive experience in the industry and over 40 years of polymer compounding know-how. We always offer technical customer support and expertise during customer trials, continuing through the whole customer relationship.

A new and cost-efficient LDPE compound, a ready-to-use option for FIBC liner films, will be available in 2022.

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Compounds for conductive monofilaments and raffia tapes

Premix’s electrically conductive PRE-ELEC® compounds and concentrates are specially developed for thin and durable monofilaments and raffia tapes in FIBC type C applications.  

The material maintains an excellent conductivity level. The electrically conductive filaments can be easily braided with non-conductive filaments. This enables conductivity in the end-product.

More information on suitable grades can be found in our Data Center.

Compounds for conductive liner films

FIBC liner films can also be made of Premix conductive LDPE compounds and concentrates. The materials are easily processable, e.g., with a high blowing ratio and still retaining the required level of conductivity.  

Final properties can be modified by choosing a concentrate instead of a direct compound. A lower dilution ratio leads to higher conductivity. A special dilution polymer brings special mechanical properties, such as better flexibility. Using concentrates also brings cost benefits. 

Film grades are also suitable for multilayer films where surface layers are conductive.

More information on suitable grades can be found in our Data Center.

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