Fiber Applications

Electrically conductive PRE-ELEC® plastics for fibers

Tightening safety regulations and sensitive equipment increase the need for ESD-protected textiles and carpets to prevent uncontrolled static discharges. Premix’s electrically conductive PRE-ELEC® compounds are a novel solution for ESD-protected fibers. This product, created with new technological and material solutions, will replace metal-coated fiber and pure carbon fiber solutions, being a higher performance and a better durability option.

Replacing metal coating and carbon fiber with plastic

Traditional ESD fiber solutions are created by coating yarn with metal or spinning carbon fiber with ordinary fiber. The
PRE-ELEC® compounds can be melt-spun into the fibers.

Durability: Metal coating can wear off, and carbon fiber can break. As the PRE-ELEC ® compounds are part of the fiber, they wear off only as fast as the fiber wears off. This increases the lifespan of the end-product.

Built-in conductivity: Being part of the fiber, PRE-ELEC ® compounds also ensure all parts of the end-product have equal conductivity.

Easy to process: Melt spinning is a simpler production process than adding metal or carbon fiber to the yarn.


Novel Solutions for ESD Protective Fibers

The PRE-ELEC ® compounds have excellent dispersion. This means they enable equal conductivity to the end-product when used in equal quantities. Our excellent raw materials (carbon black and base plastics) ensure there are no impurities in the PRE-ELEC ® compounds. This is very important for the sensitive melt spinning process. The high dispersion and pureness of the PRE-ELEC ® compounds also make them easier to use in very thin fibers (down to a few micrometers in diameter).

More information on suitable grades can be found in our Data Center.

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