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Electrically conductive PRE-ELEC® plastics for sheets

The high material requirements of the transport and packaging industry inspire us to continuously develop new sustainable and functional materials to meet the needs of our customers. 

Trend 1    Material requirements and standards are getting tighter, especially when operating in ATEX* and ESD** environments. 

Trend 2    Bigger need for packaging complex electronic components, e.g., in electric cars and automatization, to protect the sensitive parts from uncontrolled static electricity. 

Trend 3    Replacing metal with plastics to reduce weight and cost, make assembly easy, and prevent corrosion and thus prolong the utilization time of the end-product. 

* ATEX environment – an environment where there is a risk of explosion. READ MORE >>
** ESD environment – an environment where, e.g., electronics need to be protected from electric static discharges. READ MORE >> 

Inside a mine, an example of an ATEX environment
Inside a mine, an example of an ATEX environment

Sheet solutions for electronics packaging

In electronics packaging, conductive plastics protect the sensitive components from uncontrolled static discharges. 

Corrugated sheets for ESD packaging

Polypropylene corrugated boards can be cut and folded into different transportation boxes and containers for electronics. It is an excellent replacement for corrugated cartons. Polypropylene corrugated boards do not emit dust, do not absorb moisture, and have excellent impact resistance.

More information on suitable grades can be found in our Data Center.

ESD mats and EPA furniture elements

 In EPA zones* conductive sheets can be used in furniture elements and accessories, such as table covers, mats, and edges. They create ESD protection for sensitive electronics that enables a longer operation time for electronic devices. 

* EPA zones = ESD protected areas. 

More information on suitable grades can be found in our Data Center.

Electrically conductive foams

Polyethylene continuous foams, chemically and physically crosslinked, can be CNC cut and used for heavy automotive and defense industry electronics packaging for transportation. Additionally, high-density EVA foam can be cut into gaskets and sealings.

More information on suitable grades can be found in our Data Center.

Examples of sheet solutions for ATEX


Polyethylene sheets are used as elements of internal floating roofs for combustible chemicals evaporation control in tanks.

black plastic sheets; Shutterstock ID 740087905; purchase_order: Sheets

Polyethylene sheets thermoformed and used as drum spill trays to prevent leakage of the chemicals.


Flame retardant polyethylene/polypropylene sheets for controlling static discharge inside closed spaces, like mines, cement plants, or any plants handling products with fine particles or gases.

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