Any Questions about ESD and Electrically Conductive and Static Dissipative Plastics?

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Questions and Answers about ESD

Over the years we have had a pleasure to work with Mr. Toni Viheriäkoski, one of the best ESD experts of the world. And now you’ll get to know him too.

We met Toni in his own, well-equipped ESD laboratory in Lohja, Finland. Below Toni shares his clear and structured answers for the ESD-related questions raised by our customers and Premix colleagues.

Who is this guy?

Mr. Toni Viheriäkoski offers Electrostatics and ESD control metrology services through his company Cascade Metrology. His active development and research work within the ESD field has been a great contribution for the global ESD community and standardization work. Toni is a member of several working groups of IEC’s international standardization committees and has had a significant pioneer role in the birth of new ESD standard for the health care sector. The initiative for the new standard “IEC 61340-6-1: Standard for electrostatic control in health care facilities” came through Toni’s research work. He is also leading the IEC’s TC101 working group PT 6130-6-1.

In case Your question remained unanswered, please share it with us!

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Where can I find more information about ESD?

You could start by checking these useful links:

ESD overview from ESD Associations homepage
You’ll find a good explanation of ESD from the ESD Associations site.

ESD Association Symposium 2017 from IEEE’s Xplore digital library
If you want to study this subject in more detail, please check our technical paper “Electrostatic discharge characteristics of conductive polymers” ESD Association Symposium 2017 from IEEE’s Xplore digital library.

Practical insights into resistivity measurements
Practical tips and pitfalls related to the resistance and resistivity measurements can also be found in the article “Practical insights into resistivity measurements”. Static Association of Finland (Mainly Finnish content) choose TC101


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