Greetings from K2013 – a global business built on cooperation

This year’s top industry event, K2013, was again the meeting place for professionals from all around the world. We want to thank everyone who visited the Premix stand at K2013 and shared their ideas and insights with us. It’s this spirit of cooperation and collaboration that’s driving our business forward!

Tech talk spiced by strategic issues

The Premix team gathered in Düsseldorf, Germany, to meet trusted clients and welcome new friends. It was great to see so many decision-makers showing up at the event – not just from Europe but also China, India, America and Africa. One of the hot topics at the K2013 was 3D printing, for which Premix offers ABS-based electrically conductive plastics.

In addition to the inspiring tech talk, we also focused on our long-term philosophy of Caring, Creating and Being Committed. The feedback from our customers in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa is that we are on the right track. In fact, our recent investment in a new production line is a good example of our customer-driven attitude in action. By looking further into the future, we can better offer solutions that are effective and reliable over the long haul.

Optimising efficiency and safety

Premix is constantly developing new services for local and global customers. Not surprisingly, we share many of our customers’ challenges – especially the continuous need to maximise precision and efficiency in production. That’s why we joined forces with our partners at K2013 to offer a live demonstration of the world’s fastest production process for electrically conductive pipettes at the Arburg stand. Premix’s high-flow PRE-ELEC PP compound was processed in 64-cavities mold that achieved cycle time of less than 5 seconds! Warmest thanks to our partners Arburg, Tanner and Waldorf-Technik!

Many of our customers also talked about the need to increase competitiveness and quality, while optimising product safety and environmental friendliness. In this area, Premix has always been a pioneer. For instance, we were the first manufacturer to introduce a cost-effective electrically conductive concentrates. At K2013, Premix launched PRE-ELEC® TP 14815 – a new fire retardant electrically conductive plastic with top marks for safety and environmental friendliness. Read more about this innovative product in this newsletter.

Let’s be in touch!

You can meet the Premix team at PlastiVision India 2013 in Mumbai 12-16 December and in Interplastika in Moscow 28-31 January. Meanwhile, our sales people and local distributors will help you in all questions related to world-class electrically conductive plastics.

At K2013, Premix launched PRE-ELEC® TP 14815 – a new halogen-free fire retardant electrically conductive plastic with top marks for safety and environmental friendliness.
(Photo by Mr Jari Salonen, President of the Finnish Plastics Association)