Growth requires resources

Meet the new Premix team members!

Our vision is to be a global market leader in the chosen segments and the most innovative company in our field of business. To be able to grow and to serve our customers in the best possible way, we need lots of new talents. In 2017, we welcomed 15 new experts to our HR, R&D, sales and marketing teams. One of them is HR Manager Ms. Mari Lippojoki who joined Premix in March 2017.

“I strongly believe that people are a company’s greatest asset. When personnel is led and supported well, there are no limits to personnel’s or company’s success”, says Mari.


Mari Lippojoki, HR Manager

So here they are, the latest additions in the Premix family! Please contact us, since we are here for you and always ready for a new challenge. You can find our detailed contact information in the Contact pages.



Kosti Rämö,
Business Manager,
High Performance Compounds


Taneli Naukkarinen,
Sales Director,
High Performance Compounds


Outi Härkki,
Business Manager,
High Frequency Solutions


Hannu Kukkonen,
Operations Manager,
High Frequency Solutions

 Satu Ahola bw web
Satu Ahola,
Digital Media Planner
Cherene Chen,
Digital Marketing Coordinator,
Premix Shanghai
Roy Huang,
Sales Representative, Premix Shanghai
Johnny Wang,
Technical Service Engineer,
Premix  Shanghai
Pasi Seppälä,
R&D Engineer,
High Performance Compounds
Heidi Uusitalo,
R&D Engineer,
High Performance Compounds
Jan Järveläinen,
R&D Manager,
High Frequency Solutions
Ville Mylläri,
R&D Manager,
High Frequency Solutions
Mari Hiljanen,
Sourcing Manager
Mirja Nissen,
Finance Business Partner


Shall we create a new success story together?


Our success story needs new talents. If you would like to join us, please remember to check our open positions or sell yourself to us by justifying why need we need your kind of talent.  You can send your attractive open job application to our HR Manager Mari Lippojoki, [email protected].

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