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One by one: Over one million parts produced and inspected in one day!

Speed, quality and quantity are a tough act to combine. No worry! Now we have them working together to everyone’s satisfaction. Premix, Arburg, Tanner and Waldorf-Technik recently joined forces to create something exceptional. The end result was a long and remarkable step forward in the processing of electrically conductive plastic pipette tips: a 64-cavities mold that achieved cycle time of less than 5 seconds! That means almost 50,000 tips per hour and more than a million in one day! And that’s not all… the quality of each and every tip is inspected by a vision system. The companies involved in the project are all forerunners in their respective fields. By combining their expertise and experience, they took a complex production process to the next level. Premix’s state-of-the-art high-flow PRE-ELEC® PP compound played a key role in the success of the project, along with the latest mold injection technology and production automation. The production speed record was broken because each piece in the process worked together seamlessly.

The right materials put your production in the fast lane

The development of carbon black based electrically conductive plastic compounds faces several challenges. A major hurdle is producing an even-quality material that combines good conductivity with low viscosity. The lower the viscosity, the easier it is to mass produce small yet highly exact components in fast batch runs. And this can be carried out without compromise in quality. Get it right and you can produce vital components more cost-effectively and efficiently than the competition. Premix’s answer to this challenge is the high-flow PRE-ELEC® PP compound. Now you can see this innovative compound in action. Join us and experience first-hand how high-flow PRE-ELEC® PP can accelerate your company’s mold injection processes.

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