Leave exploding cars to Hollywood

Our film script is smarter

Thrill-seekers are always looking for speed, excitement and danger. For them, we have bad news. Premix is seeking to make the world a safer place. Conductive plastics are one of the most effective and economical ways to improve both occupational and everyday safety.

Think about us the next time you stop in a petrol station

Filling up your car’s petrol tank is a daily routine few of us consider dangerous. Yet this mundane chore unites two potentially lethal characters: fuel vapour and the electrical components in your vehicle. It takes only one electric spark to turn your car into an explosive blockbuster – literally.
We took the spark out of the script and eliminated the risk of explosion by using conductive plastics in the vehicle’s fuel system.

We care about you and your safety

One of our values is a safe and sustainable environment, and we are working constantly to come up with safer, more environmentally friendly compounds. We have developed materials and solutions for the mining pipe industry, fire and security alarms used in high-rise buildings, packaging products for explosives, and countless other applications. We take pride in improving the everyday safety of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Let’s make the world a better place

Conductive plastics are the safe and economic way to upgrade or replace conventional materials and solutions. For instance, if you need to minimise the risk of explosion due to static electricity, tell us what you want to achieve. Together we can find a solution to your challenge. In the best-case scenario, we can save not only time and money but also the lives of hundreds of people.
Let’s share the care and make the world a better place.