New conductive concentrate for raffia and monofilament applications

Premix introduces a new electrically conductive PRE-ELEC® PP concentrate for polypropylene raffia tape and monofilament fibers.

PRE-ELEC® PP 1353 is especially designed for monofilament and tape extrusion. It offers optimum balance of strenght, toughness, and extensibility. Typical applications cover groundable non-wowen fabrics for powder packaging e.g. FIBC type C.
PRE-ELEC® PP 1353 can be diluted up to 65% with polypropylene homopolymer (MFI 20-35; 2,16kg).

• Excellent processability. Special stabilation package protects material during extrusion.
• Optimized thermal and mechanical properties.
• Stable electrical properties even at high stretching ratios.
• Concentrate enables freedom to adjust raw material price and surface resistance levels.

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