New R&D director: “We deliver on our promise.”

Kari Alha, the new director of Premix’s R&D unit, offers a simple promise to all Premix customers: We deliver what we promise. Kari, who has more than three decades of experience in the plastics and rubber industry, knows that you can lose someone’s trust only once.

Experience and vision

Kari Alha has seen the plastics industry from a variety of viewpoints. He has worked for several international players in the USA and Sweden, including Borealis (formerly Neste’s plastics department), where he was involved in the patenting of the Supercure™ technology. Prior to joining Premix, Kari worked at Trelleborg. With more than thirty years of experience in the plastics and rubber industry, he knows what it takes to serve customer effectively. Now this highly experienced professional is back in Finland, working for Premix. “We want to be the first to provide customers with the right answer,” says Kari.

New competencies

Kari Alha strengthens Premix’s existing competencies on several fronts. He has a solid track record in the rubber business – especially in the mixing and vulcanization of EPDM and NBR rubbers. Kari has also experience in cable applications and TPE/TPV elastomers. At Premix, we are confident that Kari’s knowledge base will be a valuable resource for our customers.

Customers want custom-built competitiveness

Kari has a clear vision of the industry’s future. Customers want customized solutions that boost their competitiveness. This new breed of solutions requires a new level of partnership and trust. Kari has a ready model for improving collaboration in demanding R&D projects. “Only when we know more about our customers’ needs and targets, can we develop solutions that have a real impact on their competitiveness.”

Premix is prepared for big challenges

Today’s increasingly competitive marketplace is a positive challenge for Premix’s R&D unit. Along with Kari, three new engineers have recently joined the unit. “We prepared to take on even bigger challenges. We have the right mix of experience and youthful drive, as well as the technical capabilities to meet next-generation requirements in our business. We are now in a better position to solve our customers’ unique challenges,” promises Kari.

Closer, deeper, sharper

Effective cooperation is the benchmark of success in the modern business environment. If you share the same targets with your customer, you can both reach your destination faster and more effectively. “Our job is to offer workable solutions,” says Kari. “The more we know about each other’s needs and expectations, the faster we can findthe right solution.” That’s why Premix’s R&D unit makes a clear promise to its customers: “We deliver on our promise.” Put our word to the test and see how your company can benefit from our R&D expertise.