Premix is making mines safer

Conductive plastics are replacing metal as the preferred material option in many industries. We are proud to be at the forefront of this trend. One of our newest innovations is conductive plastic for the mining pipe industry.

Conductive plastics minimize the risk of explosion

Gases – especially methane – make mining an extremely dangerous occupation. Methane is extremely flammable and has caused countless accidents in the mining industry over the years.

Premix has developed a material that removes the buildup of static charge in pipe systems and eliminates the risk of explosion due to electric sparks. The use of conductive plastics in mining pipes is a huge leap forward in mine safety. As more mines begin to use conductive plastics in pipe systems, mining disasters will become yesterday’s news.

Plastics last longer

Plastic is also a more durable option for the mining industry. Pipes made from plastic compounds never rust, and their corrosion resistance is in a league of its own when compared with metal pipes. That’s why the lifespan of our mining pipes is longer than that of any metal. Plastic piping also reduces the need for costly maintenance. The light at the end of the pipe is that you can put these savings to better, more profitable use.

An easier, faster option

National and international safety regulations for mining pipes are extremely tough. Plastic pipes meet these regulations more effectively than metal pipes. This alone should motivate mining companies to replace metal pipe systems with more durable and safer plastic pipes.

Plastic compounds are also noticeably lighter, making them cost-effective to transport, install and maintain.

Premix conductive plastics – in use around the world

We are proud of our contribution to occupational safety in the mining industry. Today Premix conductive plastics are used in mining pipes around the world. Besides improved safety, this superior material comes with a host of other advantages. What unites all of these benefits is that they not only save lives, but also time and money.