Maximize Your Antenna Efficiency with Low Loss Dielectric Materials

PREPERM® dielectric materials improve the efficiency of high-frequency applications by minimizing internal signal losses. Constant, customised dielectric properties and ultra low loss makes PREPERM® an excellent construction material for antennas, radars, connectors, cables, filters, waveguides and resonators.

The benefits of PREPERM® dielectric plastics relate to e.g:

    • faster and more efficient data transfer in mobile base stations and satellite communication
    • better sensitivity in GPS, radars and imaging technologies
    • longer battery life and miniaturization of electronics in mobile devices and wearables



Higher frequencies, higher bandwidth

The rapid technology development such as growth of communication data volume and coverage, requires new frequency ranges and bandwidths. This is also challenge for materials performance. The requirements for dielectric properties are continuously stressed for material consistency and lower losses. PREPERM® materials meet these requirements with controlled and customised dielectric constant (from 2.55 to 22) and ultra-low dissipation factor.

More design freedom with customised dielectric properties

PREPERM® technology enables a high degree of customisation based on individual customer needs. The dielectric material properties will be tailored to match perfectly on each design.

An example can be found very near – from everyones’ pocket: Todays mobile phones can contain more than 10 different antennas. The challenge to fit all these into a small compartment without loosing their effect is immense.
When choosing PREPERM® material instead of normal antenna backing plastic or structural part, the antennas can be miniaturized without loosing the antennas’ performance. Due to application-specific combination of high dielectric constant and very low tan δ, the performance of a similar sized antenna could be remarkably improved compared to a traditional antenna.

Sustainable choice

Low density, plastic based PREPERM® materials open new opportunities for light-weight designs. They are mass-production friendly, recyclable and contain no heavy metals nor halogens. This makes them more sustainable and environmental friendly alternative compared to competing technologies based on thermoset materials.


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