PRE-ELEC® ESD 7100 is a static dissipative thermoplastic compound based on ABS. The dissipative property is permanent and built into the polymer chain. PRE-ELEC® ESD 7100 has been developed for injection moulding and for the extrusion of thermoformable mono- or multi-layer sheet. The products made out of PRE-ELEC® ESD 7100 are washable, reusable and recyclable. Surface resistance values of 108 ohms (EOS/ESD S11.11-1993, IEC 61340-5-1) can be achieved with optimum processing parameters.

Typical applications include trays, tote bins, crates and technical parts which give permanent ESD protection for the electronics, medical, pharmaceutical and paper handling industries. PRE-ELEC® ESD 7100 can be coloured into various bright colours.

  • ABS based
  • RS: <1010 Ω

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