PRE-ELEC® PE 16006

PRE-ELEC® PE 16006 is a conductive thermoplastic compound based on PE-HD. Conductivity is achieved by using special conductive carbon black. In addition to a low electrical resistivity PRE-ELEC® PE 16006 has an excellent balance of mechanical properties and is easy to injection mould. PRE-ELEC® PE 16006 is environmental stress crack resistant (ESCR). It has also high stiffness and impact resistance whereas its low melt viscosity enables better processability of thin walled structures. Therefore it is well suitable for UN approved packaging solutions.

Typical applications include large, thin walled parts like pails and lids.

  • PE-HD compound for UN packaging
  • RS: 103-107Ω
  • MFI: 23 (190°C/10kg)

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