PREADD AB 576 is a polypropylene based antiblock masterbatch developed especially for polypropylene cast and blown films.

PREADD AB 576 is based on highly purified synthetic silica. Due to its excellent dispersion in the masterbatch the antiblocking effect can be achieved already at relatively low dosing levels. PREADD AB 576 does not affect the transparency of the film at given addition levels. PREADD AB 576 can also be used at higher dosing levels as an antislip and a matting agent.

PREADD AB 576 is approved for use in contact with foodstuffs according to FDA regulations without limitations and according to BgVV regulations as long as the dosage level of PREADD AB 576 is less than 6 %.

  • PP based
  • Synthetic silica, 10 %

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