Safe Handling of Electronic Components with PRE-ELEC® Plastics

Protect your sensitive components from ESD

Electronics components need packaging during production and transportation to the customer. Plastics are a commonly used packaging material, but they create a risk of uncontrolled electrostatic discharges (ESDs), which can cause component breakage and hidden failures in them.

Premix's PRE-ELEC® plastics are conductive and static dissipative plastic compounds designed to reduce the extent of hidden failures and guarantee a longer operation life for electronic devices.

The first PRE-ELEC®application was an injection-molded box for a Finnish television manufacturing company in the early 1980s. Since then, we have developed our portfolio of plastics that protect constantly smaller and more delicate components.

Today, we provide also conductive concentrate plastics for ESD package producers, supporting cost-awareness and material recycling.

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Our customers use PRE-ELEC® compounds to create protective electronics packaging solutions

Electrically conductive plastic materials
For the safety of your products

At Premix, we do everything we can to improve the safety of our society – both for people and the environment. Our electrically conductive plastic materials are key factors in improving the component safety in the industry. 

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ESD component trays

PRE-ELEC® PS concentrate is the most cost-efficient raw material solution for ESD component trays. It performs excellently also in challenging formulations and improves for example sheet’s mechanical properties, even when diluted with undefined fraction of recycled polystyrene.


ESD packaging foams

PRE-ELEC® EVA and LLD compounds and concentrates for foam extrusion are tailor-made to match each customer’s unique process and foaming technology.


TPU/ABS sheets for heavy duty packaging

PRE-ELEC® ABS and TPU form together an excellent material combination in co-extrusion. They come forward when sheets with antislipping, abrasion and scratch resistance property are required for surface sensitive or heavy duty products.

Mr. Toni Viheriäkoski presenting a techical paper: "ESD Risks of Containers Made of Conductive Compounds" at 40th EOS/ESD Symposium in Reno, Nevada.

Mr. Toni Viheriäkoski presenting a techical paper: "ESD Risks of Containers Made of Conductive Compounds" at 40th EOS/ESD Symposium in Reno, Nevada.

Setting the standards for ESD control

More than 35 years in the electronics packaging business have taught us a lot. We have also had the honor to get to know and work together with the top-notch experts within the field of ESD control. The annual highlight of the year is in September when the “Global ESD Family” gets together into ESD Association’s EOS/ESD Symposium, Exhibits, and Tutorials. The year 2018 was special since the 40th EOS/ESD Symposium was held in Reno, Nevada.

For Premix, it is important to bring the voice of a raw material supplier into the forum, whose participants mainly represent OEMs and component manufacturing companies. We have the best understanding of the characteristics and processing of plastic materials. And we want to share our experience and know-how for the benefit of the whole industry. For several years already, we have participated as co-writers in research projects and the results of our studies have been presented as technical papers at ESDA Symposiums.

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