Safety in Explosive Atmospheres with Conductive Plastics

Make safer products for explosive atmospheres with our conductive plastic materials

Electrically conductive PRE-ELEC® compounds and concentrates ensure the safe handling of hazardous materials such as powders and liquids. They make EX environments and other explosive atmospheres safer. Light and corrosion-resistant plastics can be used to replace metal. Their processing is easy and cost-efficient.

When transporting and processing flammable and hazardous liquids, gases, and powders people and environment safety is a key issue. A single spark can lead to serious consequences, even explosions. Unlike traditional plastics, electrically conductive plastic materials can be grounded and the generation of electrostatic charges eliminated. These high-quality plastics ensure lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and durable product solutions.

Our conductive plastics are suitable for ATEX and EX environments. They can be used for various solutions, such as pipes and profiles, flexible hoses and grommets, canisters, pails, drums, and wheels.

River Valley in South Yakutia Chulman winter

Customer case: Electrically conductive plastics ensure safety in explosive atmospheres

Isolated or not, Sakha Republic and its over 960 000 inhabitants need gasoline. Before, gasoline to Sakha was delivered in big tanks along the area’s long rivers. To give you some perspective, the total length of the area’s rivers is about 2 million kilometers. To serve all the villages within the Republic, the vessels stopped at several ports to empty the tanks into smaller containers. The possibility of leakage was always present and thus, also a huge risk for an environmental catastrophe.

Obviously, we couldn’t build a railway or improve the highway connection but instead, came up with another solution to improve the safety of these transportations. Now, 40-liter canisters are manufactured from Premix’s electrically conductive plastic material, filled up with gasoline, and delivered by helicopter. From the unloading position, other villages are served by ship transport. The certified, high-quality canister is guaranteed to be unbreakable even in case of an accident. And it goes without saying that in this explosive atmosphere, electrical conductivity is a must.

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