PREPERM® Solutions for Wireless Communications

Could you imagine a world without wireless communications?

We expect to be able to transfer massive amounts of data or connect to our friends and colleagues, when and where ever we want: at work and home, in a car or an airplane even. And with 5G approaching behind the corner, the next-generation mobile communications are foreseen to enable new products and services that have not even been envisioned yet.

The new technologies put pressure on material performance. With our ultra-low loss, thermoplastic PREPERM® material solutions you are able to maximize your RF performance. Energy saving is one of our favorite topics, too. We've measured a few materials with a 24 GHz radar to see how much the materials will weaken the signal. We found that a competing material had 0.7 dB (i.e. 17 %) more loss compared to our own. This means that by choosing the more lossy material the base station coverage is that much smaller, and you need 17% more base stations to cover your city. And when you have covered your city, you still need 17% more power to run your network.

As 5G is using multiple antennas to steer and speed up data transmissions over relatively short ranges, there is a demand to miniaturize the antenna size, both in base stations and in devices. With PREPERM®'s tailorable dielectric constant miniaturization is easy. The higher the dielectric constant, the smaller the design.

Whether you operate in the wireless, satellite or mobile business, you will find a right solution for your needs in our PREPERM® product family.


Customer Case: Superior performance in antennas

How do you make an antenna to stand out? By combining Premix’s ultra-low loss PREPERM® material with CellMax’s groundbreaking technology. That’s how.

A conventional antenna radiates only 45-75% of the power from the base station. Our customer CellMax has managed to reduce the power losses within the antenna to  4% with its unique technology and Premix’s PREPERM® material. CellMax antennas are superior in performance and set a whole new standard in network design with improved coverage, spectrum efficiency and customer experience.

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