Your Own R&D Department

Looking for tailored material solution? – Team up with our R&D experts!

We set the goal together but our job is to find the most cost-effective and technically superior solution. Sometimes it only takes little fine-tuning – on the other occasion the co-operation will lead to a totally new product concept.


Our data bank and polymer modification know-how at your service

We have already developed more than 16,000 plastic compound formulations. And have kept them very safe. One of these may well be the one you are looking for.
In case not, we will take the challenge and provide a new solution for you. Our R&D professionals have gained extensive experience in the field of polymer modification and are experts in finding solutions to customer challenges involving filled polymer compounds.

Lab screening and product formulation

Great results begin with the right equipment

Our laboratory is well-equipped with lab and pilot scale compounding lines, plastic processing machines and analyzing devices. The ability to simulate material’s performance according to customer’s own production process accelerates the product formulation time significantly.

Compounding and trial runs

The ready product in your hands

Once the formulation is set we will compound a pilot scale sample for testing in your own process. After that it’s time to take the process to next level; in production scale-up we select the most suitable compounding technology and deliver the first production trial sample according to the agreed specification.

Last but not least: We want you to be 100% certain that your product works as expected. That is why we are glad to join the trials at your factory.


Contact us – Let’s create the next success story together!

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R&D Director

Conductive Compounds

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Business Development Director

High Frequency Solutions

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