The people behind Premix

Premix stands by the three C principle: We create, We care, We are committed.
Klaus and Sabine Schmitz are living proof of our dedication to innovation and customer care. Since 2008, they have served the customers of Premix Europe GmbH with a big heart. Read what they think about their work, their lives and the future of conductive plastics in one of the world’s most challenging markets.
You can also meet them and other dedicated Premix employees at Fakuma 16-20.10.2012,
Hall B4, booth 4211.

Who are you?

Klaus “Klasu” Schmitz – 51 years old and the father of two children, a boy and a girl. My family and I live close to the German border with Denmark. I’ve travelled extensively in Scandinavia over the years, so I can speak Norwegian and Danish as well as English of course. Finnish is still a work in progress.

Sabine Schmitz – an experienced plastics salesperson in my late 40s. I am married to Klaus Schmitz, who is also my business partner. We live in Northern Germany with our two children, both of whom are young adults.

What do you do?

Klaus: Caring for our customers in Germany, Austria and other parts of Europe

Sabine: We are the German sales office for Premix.

How did you end up in this field of business?

Klaus: In September 1981, I started in the plastics department in a fairly big company in Leverkusen, Germany. And once you’re in the plastics business, you’re always in the plastics business.

Sabine: I started off at a big chemical company in Leverkusen. I worked in the company’s plastic sales office for several years.
In 2008, when Premix launched its sales office in Germany, I thought that this could be an interesting challenge for me. I could return to plastic sales and work from home with my husband as my “boss.”

What’s the best thing in your job?

Klaus: Working independently and having direct contact to all my Finnish colleagues.

Sabine: It is our short internal ways of decision making which enable the close partnership with our business friends. As we dont supply mass product but tailor made specialty plastics compounds we are continuously dealing with individual requirements, wishes and demand of our customers. Always following our slogan: We commit to giving more!

What would you still like to accomplish?

Klaus: Learn the Finnish language – or at least understand more than I do right now.

Sabine: Maintain the high standard of service Premix and our other customers have come to expect from us.

How and when did your cooperation with Premix start?

Klaus: In 2004, I became acquainted with conductive plastics in the larger product portfolio and met my future Premix colleagues for the first time.

Sabine: I started working for Premix in 2008.

What do you tell your clients about Premix?

Klaus: We’re a medium-sized company specializing in conductive plastics and that’s where we have excellence.

Sabine: I tell my customers that Premix is a good and competent company. Premix is committed to meeting the customer’s needs.

What do you think is the best part about Premix?

Klaus: It’s their commitment to help all our business partners with their needs. Giving up is not an option – there must be a way; I think that’s what the Finnish word “sisu” means.

Sabine: Premix’s three C attitude – caring, creating, committed. This is our new slogan, though in my opinion we have always been working in that way.

What would you like to offer to your clients even more?

Klaus: There is always room for improvement! Listen to the customer, understand their needs and then find a solution that best fits their expectations and requirements.

Sabine: In my opinion we are working well together with our company and our customers. And the feedback we’ve got from our customers is proof of this.

What is Germany´s special feature as market-area?

Klaus: It’s a market that demands top quality, flexibility and service.

Sabine: It’s a big market, with many interesting businesses, big demand and lots of future opportunities.

How do you see the future in this business?

Klaus: The market for conductive/antistatic plastics will continue to grow, with new applications on the horizon. I am looking forward to interesting new projects and expect thrilling times ahead.

Sabine: I think the market will grow and I hope Premix OY and Germany will play a big part in this growth.

Klaus & Sabine Schmitz, Premix Oy