How do you achieve cleaner, fresher and healthier indoor air? Uponor, one of the world’s leading experts in indoor climate solutions, has a surprising answer: electrically conductive plastics.

New product, new markets

Electrically conductive plastics make possible the development of plastic ventilation ducts. How? One reason is that conventional plastics, due to their electrically insulative nature, cannot be used in ventilation systems. That’s why Uponor has developed a polypropylene-based ventilation duct that uses a layer of electrically conductive plastic inside the duct to prevent the build-up of static electricity. The plastic’s smooth surface also prevents dust from collecting inside the duct, while cleaning the ventilation system is easier than before. For people with asthma and allergies, that’s good news: using electrically conductive plastic in ventilation systems means cleaner, fresher indoor air. Not surprisingly, both Uponor and the Finnish health organization, the Allergy and Asthma Federation, stand behind the new duct.

The Premix solution – meeting a basic need

Everybody deserves clean indoor air, so Premix was happy to take on the challenge. We provided Uponor with an electrically conductive plastic that delivers high-quality indoor air sustainably. We also helped them create a new market for plastic ducting. In this partnership, everybody is a winner, including the end customer. With improved indoor air quality comes improved wellbeing.

Clear savings, better air quality

The plastic ventilation system is also a cost-effective solution. That’s because it more resilient and durable than corrosion-prone metal systems. Plus super-smooth conductive plastic optimizes air flow inside the duct and reduces air noise. The ventilation system itself is easy to install and safe – the plastic tubing is lightweight and no special tools are necessary for rapid installation. The biggest advantage is the marked improvement in indoor air quality. That’s a breath of fresh air everyone will appreciate.

Premix is proud to contribute to the development of this breakthrough application. We’ve helped create a solution that improves our customer’s business and makes breathing indoors easier and healthier.