World-class laboratory at your service!

We help ensure your product has what it takes to succeed.
Premix’s new service concept is all about the desire and ability to develop new plastics compounds together with our customers. The leading idea behind this concept is our world-class R&D laboratory and its highly qualified staff.
Our laboratory is always at your service when we are working together to solve your challenge. Our mission is to ensure proactively that your product can and will succeed commercially. Research, testing and trial runs – we keep on going until your product is ready for production and the markets.

Great results begin with the right equipment

Our laboratory’s equipment can be divided into three groups according to application area. The first group comprises equipment geared for large-scale component manufacturing. The second group covers equipment used in plastic injection moulding and extrusion production lines. With these tools and resources, we can effectively simulate the behaviour of compounds in the customer’s own processes and prepare the desired prototypes. Last but not least, the third group features the latest in plastics analysis technology. You can rest assured that the new compound will meet all end-use requirements and quality criteria.

The ready product in your hands

We want you to be certain that your product works as expected. That is why we offer you a new service package that allows us to manufacture test compounds in large-scale batches. By simulating industry-scale production processes, we make sure your compound is up to the job. Simply put, our laboratory aims to provide you and your business with a tested and risk-free solution. The extra effort we put into developing your solution means that you save time, money and resources.

Give your product a head start

Our laboratory is a new and practical approach to developing next-generation plastics. Now you can learn more about specific laboratory services and opportunities. You can also get in touch with us directly and ask about our entire service portfolio. We will be happy to answer all your questions.