Yes means challenge

When we at Premix say “Yes!” to our customers, it means that we not only take on a new challenge but also a new responsibility. It is an attitude deeply rooted in who we are as a company and individuals.

Antti Kiikka, the founder of Premix, said that simplest of decades ago when a major Finnish electronics manufacturer asked him if he could develop a plastic enclosure or box for the company. Not surprisingly, the new box had to be special. It had to conduct electricity and eliminate the risk of component damage due to static electricity.

Yet when Antti said yes, he had no fully refined idea how Premix would solve the challenge. And going back on our word was never an option. If the customer wanted a protective plastic box that conducted electricity, Premix would deliver. And that we did down to the smallest detail.

New product, new future

Developing the new product was no walk in the park. The entire knowhow of Premix was put to work to ensure we could deliver on our promise. Our expertise in using carbon black and bold attitude played a decisive role in securing this new opportunity.

All the hard work eventually paid off. Premix was able to develop a completely new product – an electrically conductive plastic optimized for ESD shielding.

More importantly, finding a solution to the challenge changed the course of Premix. It gave us a new direction for the future. Thanks to conductive plastics, Premix is now one of the leading developers of raw materials used in the production of plastics.

Expertise in carbon black solves dissipation challenge

It all began with electrically conductive plastic boxes – a product family that continues to play a major role in protecting sensitive electronics against electro static discharge (ESD). Yet the road forward did not stop there. Due to the percolation threshold of carbon black compounds, achieving a dissipation resistivity surface area of 106-109 ohm became the next big challenge for us. We are now proud to announce that Premix has developed an effective solution to this challenge. Today Premix offers new dissipative carbon black-based material solutions alongside its existing selection of electrically conductive carbon black compounds.

In October 2012, we launched our newest product at the Fakuma international trade fair for plastics processing. With PRE-ELEC® TP 13312, you get a dissipative high-flow compound that is specially designed for next-generation thin-walled plastic boxes.

You’ll find more information on this breakthrough product on our website.

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