Customer promise - Appreciation - Passion - Growth

Premix Values

Our company culture is based on our values: customer promise, appreciation, passion, and growth. We are dedicated to strong growth, but growth doesn’t refer only to the success of the company. We think it’s also important to allow our employees to grow – both personally and professionally.

Our values form the foundation of how we do business, giving us a clear direction and a moral compass. All our employees are committed to our values: they are an important part of our everyday work, and we also evaluate annually how well we have lived and acted according to these values. Based on our values, we resolve problems and make decisions, build our products, improve ourselves and create success. These things help us create a safe and successful future for ourselves.


Our customer promise is reflected in our every encounter. It is reflected in our solution-centric model of operation and in the way we build successful partnerships. We are committed to our work, and we are an agile organization. We always attempt to be better - this is a promise that we make to our customers and ourselves. To keep our customer promise is a matter of honor to us. The customer is our inspiration and the core of our business. Recognition from a customer is a great motivator for us.


All good things are based on our mutual appreciation of one another and of our stakeholders. Our corporate culture is characterized by mutual respect and openness. The atmosphere in our company is supportive and shows confidence in individuals. We know that, as a team, we can achieve incredible things.


We really care, and it shows in our work. Caring encourages us to reach for better quality and an inspiring future. We look for challenges and face them with passion. It is our way of creating something new. Inspiration and a strong commitment to the customer and our work help us reach our goal.


Our work has a goal. Success contributes to our continued improvement. We share a strong will to grow and grasp new opportunities. We want to grow as individuals and as an organization. The future inspires us.

Do you share the same values, want to join us?