Creating a safe and ultra-connected society with functional plastics.

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Electrically conductive plastics - Enhancing the safety of products and society

Premix celebrates 40th anniversary in 2020. Our success is based on the long-term business relationships with our valued customers - you!

Pioneer in polymer modification since 1980. We don't make just plastics, we make them functional - in various ways.

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PRE-ELEC® Electrically conductive plastics | Enhancing the safety of products and society

We offer a wide product portfolio of electrically conductive PRE-ELEC® compounds and concentrates and static dissipative PRE-ELEC® ESD compounds for electrostatic discharge (ESD), explosive atmospheres (Ex), liquid handling and metal replacement applications.
See the examples - from in vitro diagnostics to electronics packaging and many more!

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PREPERM® Dielectric plastics | Ultra-low losses for mmWave frequencies

Thermoplastic PREPERM® RF materials are designed for wireless communications and radar technology. They can be used in antennas, radomes, lenses, and other RF components. We offer materials, services, and parts - available also in Webshop.
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Antimicrobial effect

PREXELENT Antimicrobial technology | The responsible way of fighting harmful microbes

The technology enables the migration of an active agent to the material’s surface in a chemically controlled rate, maintaining purity and preventing spoilage caused by, for example, mold, bacteria, and other undesired microbes. 
How could PREXELENThelp you solve your hygiene challenge?


Creating a safe and ultra-connected society with functional plastics

Premix Oy is a European market leader and global forerunner both in electrically conductive plastics and RF materials.

Electrically conductive PRE-ELEC® plastics are key materials in In Vitro diagnostics ensuring precise measurement. They ensure safety in ATEX environments and protect sensitive components from breakages caused by uncontrolled electrostatic discharge. Our low loss PREPERM® material is used for example in car radars to gain the extra second that can save lives. This is how we help to create a safe society, to name a few of our solutions.

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