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Functional plastics for electrostatic discharge and high frequency applications



The story begun in early 1980’s: Premix was one of the first companies entering the market of electrically conductive plastics. The first carbon black based PRE-ELEC® compound was developed for controlling electrostatic discharges (ESD) in electronics packaging. Today we offer a comprehensive portfolio of electrically conductive PRE-ELEC® compounds and concentrates and static dissipative PRE-ELEC® ESD compounds for automotive, diagnostics, electronics packaging and industrial applications. Read more about PRE-ELEC® materialspremix-hpc-applications-conductive-plastics-icons


Happy 2018!

We begin the year with celebration and congratulate Premix Europe GmbH for the 10-year anniversary! At the same time, we are happy to be headquartered in the 100-year-old Finland, where we had the Independence Day celebration on Dec 6, 2017. With the mix of our global and local presence, strong know-how of functional plastics and deep dedication to our customers, we continue to serve you in 2018.
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