Building the future of electrically conductive plastics together

We believe a successful company is made of people who feel good about the work they do

At Premix, we ride the waves of technological innovations and are involved in game-changers that make the world a safer and better place to live in. Here the wheel never stops turning. We keep looking for new challenges and grab opportunities.

One of our slogans is "Let's make a good mix." That refers not only to our materials but to people, too. We don’t just mix plastics – we mix people as well. We value diversity and believe that diverse teams lead to broad-minded thinking and better results. This is how we make materials that matter. We believe a successful company is made of people who feel good about the work they do.

At Premix, we are dynamic, passionate, and full of laughter and appreciation towards one another. In a family-owned company, decision-making is agile, and everyone has the opportunity to have their say.

Working at Premix in the US

We are a dynamic organization actively recruiting professionals to our US operation with the new manufacturing plant soon opening in the Charlotte region, North Carolina. Our new office opened in March 2024, and, like our HQ in Finland, we work in a modern and bright open-plan office emphasizing the low-hierarchy culture.

We are building up our compact team in the US step by step to be fully operational in 2025. ​ For the Gastonia, North Carolina-based business and manufacturing plant, we already have a team of professionals in place, and during 2024, will be recruiting technical and customer service, purchasing, manufacturing, maintenance, and laboratory professionals. The cornerstones of high team performance lie in attracting and recruiting the right people with the right skills and attitude.

Our working culture is very informal with a low level of hierarchy and bureaucracy. At Premix, you have the authority and the responsibility. Because we are still building up the organization, our employees are multi-taskers with dynamic responsibility areas.  An entrepreneurial mindset is highly appreciated.

Our processes are lean, the level of bureaucracy is low, and our values are strong. We are building the US business based on appreciation, courage, and passion, values that have already been guiding us for decades. Being a company from the Nordic countries, we believe that with visionary leadership, true empowerment, and an informal working culture, we can inspire our people to perform well and succeed.

Premix is truly a family business with over 40 years of history, currently being run by the second generation of the family. As an employee, you can feel the family-like atmosphere. Unlike large corporations, our organization is ultra-lean with minimal hierarchy, enabling very fast decision-making when needed. Our responsibilities are wide and dynamic as is typical of a growing business.

We are passionate about our work, but we believe that the best results are achieved with a healthy work-life balance.

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Brand new office in March 2024. This modern open-plan office will be ready in May 2024.

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