Custom compounding, toll compounding, and supply chain services

Turn your idea and wishes into a functional material, or come with an open mind to discuss your future vision about the material you need!

Custom compounding

The new Premix Apple Creek plant is designed to manufacture electrically conductive and dissipative plastic compounds for a wide range of applications where static electricity creates problems. Together with our R&D team in Finland, we can currently create plastic materials for your needs and will be able to manufacture them for you once the plant is ready.

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Supply chain services

With the new manufacturing facilities, we also offer our US customers supply chain services for flexible and faster deliveries.

- Freight services (Bulk and container | Domestic and international)
- Warehouse services
- Consignment stocking

Toll compounding

Do you need production capacity for your plastic compounds or master batch manufacturing, or would you like to outsource your production? If you are looking for a turn-key solution, bring your own raw materials and formulations, and let us take care of the manufacturing at our manufacturing plant in North Carolina starting in Q2, 2025.

Premix customer promise

With over 20,000 formulas and four decades of experience as a leading global manufacturer and  innovator in conductive and dissipative compounds, we offer our customers

  • Our passion and curiosity for polymers– this means we are eager to constantly develop new material solutions together with our customers
  • Both off-the-shelf plastic materials, and unique custom solutions
  • Custom and toll compounding services

We take great pride in

  • Consistency and high quality - the reliability of materials is the cornerstone of our partnerships
  • World-class customer service – in both technical support and easy reachability
  • Sustainability mindset - our whole strategy is actually built on sustainability

For our customers, in addition, we offer

  • Products manufactured in the US
  • Inventory in the US

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