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Premix offers reliable solutions for the most demanding material needs for the medical sector and healthcare.

Our plastic materials are used in medical molding solutions, applications for IVD and medical device manufacturers, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Electrically conductive plastics also are essential materials, e.g., in hospital environments and body monitoring technologies.

With Premix, you can find an optimized solution for the most demanding material needs in medical devices and healthcare applications. Based on our long history and extensive experience in functional plastics, we can offer you a wide variety of product development and material testing services to support you in the material selection process.

We are recognized as a trusted pioneer, trained by high standards and strict change control management. Our latest passion is developing sustainable material solutions to support our customers in creating environmentally-friendly alternatives.

We offer plastic material solutions, such as

    • White masterbatches for pharma packaging: our masterbatches have been well known within the pharmaceutical industry since the early 1990s.
    • Medical sensors, body monitoring
    • ESD control surfaces
    • Antimicrobial products

We also offer product development and laboratory services based on our expertise in functional plastics and carbon black know-how.

Sensoring and signal transmission

Functional material solutions for a safe and technology-driven society

Several drivers increase the need for electrically conductive plastics: rapid technology development creates high demands for devices and products. In many cases, technologies are based on body monitoring and signal transmission; durable and flexible material applications are needed. Electrically conductive plastics meet the demands. Conductive polymers are also an excellent choice for replacing metal.

We have innovated conductive, flexible, durable material solutions for various devices and applications. Many of them are also ideal for skin contact:

  • Body monitoring and other wearable electronics
  • ECG electrodes

Static control for healthcare facilities

Safety for people and the environment

At Premix, we do everything we can to improve the safety of our society – both for people and the environment. Our electrically conductive plastic materials are critical factors in improving the safety of people.

Static electricity causes many kinds of problems: unpleasant electrostatic shocks to the personnel, premature wear and tear to the delicate and expensive machinery, not to mention the risk to patient safety.

The electric charges discharge uncontrollably when a charged object is in contact with a highly conductive material. By ensuring that a plastic material is electrically conductive, we can eliminate the problems caused by electrostatic discharge and make the world more comfortable and safer.

We have created safer environments in various ways, as our electrically conductive plastics are suitable for a broad range of applications:

- Hospital bed wheels
- Medical tubes
- Fire alarms
- ESD carpets


"Whenever pushing the hospital bed into an elevator, I used to cover my hand with my sleeve to lower the level of the static shock (which I knew was going to hit me).

I used to touch another surface before touching the patient to ensure I would be the only one to suffer from a static shock. I began to avoid using certain medical devices to escape painful static shocks”.

Nurse, Finnish hospital

Co-creation and development

Our mission is to improve the quality and standard of healthcare and medical materials. We are known as passionate and dedicated experts who develop the whole industry in partnership with our customers. Over the years, together with our customers, we have created material solutions for several applications and devices that improve the safety of people, processes, and operations.

Our desire is to join forces with our customers to innovate more sustainable material solutions for the healthcare, medicine, and pharmaceutical industries.

We also offer product development and laboratory services based on our expertise in functional plastics and carbon black know-how.

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