The perfect pipette tip results from optimized production flow where the material, mold, and production technology work seamlessly together

Racks of pipette tips on an automated liquid handling machine in a clinical laboratory.

Premix’s pipette tip materials have been recognized as the industry reference since the 1990s when the first liquid handling robots were launched. ​​

Since then, Premix has been developing material properties, production technology, and process capabilities in close cooperation with the diagnostics OEMs, liquid handling manufacturers, and medical molders.​​

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Premix ensured the rapid growth of global PCR testing through fast production scale-up and 100% supply accuracy of electrically conductive plastic, the key raw material of robotic automation pipette tips.

PRE-ELEC® electrically conductive plastic compounds comply with the high-quality standards and tight production tolerances of in vitro diagnostics and other lab analytics. Precision, purity, and consistency are the cornerstones of PRE-ELEC® compounds.

These mass-production-friendly materials enable faster cycle times and scaling up for higher cavitation tools up to 128 cavities. Their physical and chemical traits have been selected carefully to fulfill the requirements of each specific application they are intended for.​​

Electrically conductive pipette tips enable capacitive liquid level detection, which is the predominant technology in today’s automated liquid handling systems. The perfect pipette tip results from optimized production flow where the material, mold, and production technology work seamlessly together.

Electrically conductive pipette tips have various advantages:​

- Low surface tension​
- High hydrophobicity​
- Enables capacitive liquid level sensing​
- Eliminates the effect of static electricity​

These features minimize the risk of cross-contamination and reagent carryover and secure the most precise and accurate pipetting. Conductive pipette tips are essential in confirming reliable diagnostics in all circumstances.


The perfect pipette tip results from optimized production flow where the material, mold, and production technology work seamlessly together.

Proven performance since the 1990s

  • ​Medically upgraded polymer component, approved and endorsed by the majority of the market​
  • Designed to comply with tight production tolerances in multi-cavity molds. The material was chosen as the demonstration material for the world’s first 128 cavity pipette tip mold. ​
  • Compliant with USP Plastic Class VI (The most stringent classification of plastics testing covered in USP-NF)

Best performing pipette tip materials with fast cycle times

  • Homogeneous and consistently high-quality material
  • Optimized physical properties and chemical compliance for various applications
  • Multiple prevention mechanisms for impurities
  • Long and thin-wall (< 0.4 mm) constructions
  • High-quality parts with dimensions up to 200:1 flow length to wall thickness
  • Moldflow / simulation data available for injection molding process simulation

Secured material availability and contingency preparedness

  • Globally secured supply continuity
  • Proven consistency in formulation and production
  • Customer-specific change control management agreements
  • Verified and tested by third-party laboratories

Technical customer service and product development team at your disposal

  • Material specialists to ensure smooth production trials
  • Customer-specific solutions for logistics and warehousing
  • Agile polymer modification experts at your service
  • Simulations, testing, consulting, and other services

The perfect pipette tip results from optimized production flow, where the material, mold, and production technology work seamlessly together.

The mass production of pipette tips
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Co-creation and development

Our mission is to improve the quality and standard of healthcare and medical materials. We are known as passionate and dedicated experts who develop the whole industry in partnership with our customers. Over the years, together with our customers, we have created material solutions for several applications and devices that improve the safety of people, processes, and operations.

Our desire is to join forces with our customers to innovate more sustainable material solutions for the healthcare, medicine, and pharmaceutical industries.

We also offer product development and laboratory services based on our expertise in functional plastics and carbon black know-how.

New Premix plant in North Carolina

Our new plant in North Carolina doubles our production capacity, and our plants on two continents will improve our global supply and service. The state-of-the-art plant is designed to cater to the most demanding needs in healthcare and will secure critical diagnostics material supplies in the US as of September 2025. In late 2024, the plant will already start to offer toll compounding services and storage for compounds produced in Finland.

In May 2022, the US Department of Defense awarded Premix a contract to establish a plastic compound manufacturing plant in North Carolina’s Gaston County. Premix’s work building resilient supply chains to secure global PCR testing throughout COVID-19 was rewarded. As of 2022, we have had a local team managing the plant building and supporting our US customers.

With the new plant in the US, we can offer our customers better global supply capability, mitigate risks in global supply chains, and better serve our customers in the US market.

The facility will be fully operational in late 2025. It will allow Premix’s North American customers to utilize our local production and services, ensuring shorter lead times and high reliability. The location has been chosen to best serve the growing region of advanced manufacturing in the southeastern US.

In 2024, we will offer our current customers an option for local storage for compounds produced at our factory in Finland. In early 2025, we can do toll compounding in the plant, manufacturing our electrically conductive and dissipative range of plastic compounds for a wide range of applications where static electricity creates problems. 

Premix USA plant

"We are extremely excited about this opportunity to help secure a supply of critical diagnostic materials in the United States.

Our solutions meet strict standards for quality and cost-efficiency and provide valuable benefits to our new and existing customers."

Jari-Matti Mehto, President and CEO of Premix, Inc.

Polymer modification experts at your service

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