PRE-ELEC® electrically conductive plastics bring safety for hazardous environments and protection for sensitive electronic components

Material requirements and standards are getting tighter, especially when operating in ATEX and ESD environments. The high material requirements of the transport and packaging industry inspire us to continuously develop new sustainable and functional materials to meet the needs of our customers.

Solutions for ESD safety and EPA environments

The rising need for complex electronic components, such as those in electric cars, creates a demand for protective packaging materials for storage and transportation. ESD sheets and trays protect fragile electronic components, such as wafers, microprocessors, and others, from unintended electrostatic discharge and mechanical incidents.

Our PRE-ELEC® compounds have high and durable conductivity and excellent dispersion. They are easy to process, recyclable, and resist wear and tear very well.

Solutions for explosive (ATEX) environments

Replacing metal with plastics reduces weight and cost, makes assembly easy, and prevents corrosion and thus prolongs the utilization time of the end-product.

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