Your compounding partner in innovating new material solutions to the most demanding plastic material needs.

Our slogan ”Let’s make a good mix!” describes perfectly how we do business. A good mix is about working together with our customers to solve their material challenges, deliver products that perform and make them succeed. In a strong partnership, the people make a good mix!

The name of our company describes very well our role in the value chain and our expertise –mixing. This applies not only to material but also to people!



The role of Premix's business is in the early stages of a product's value chain. Premix customers manufacture plastic products from the compounds and concentrates made by Premix. We make materials perform by adding the desired functionality to plastics already at the compounding stage. We simplify our customer's manufacturing process by bringing the functionality to the plastics early in the value chain.



Mixing raw materials to make materials perform. We optimize the performance of the product our customer manufactures by mixing fillers, additives, and the base polymer(s). We add functionality, such as different levels of electrical conductivity for different purposes or antimicrobial properties, and improve the properties of the material (for example, heat resistance, UV resistance, flowability/viscosity, colors, and additives). It is about optimizing the performance of the end-product by utilizing the full potential of the raw materials.

For Premix, optimized properties mean consistency and high-quality dispersion, good processability, good mechanical properties, recyclability, and maximizing key properties. Sensible compromises between the different properties are made when needed. Our expertise in the art of compounding is in understanding the whole nine yards of it, from feeding problematic fillers to the right temperature profiles of different materials to granulation, drying, homogenization, and packaging processes.

Let’s make
a good mix!