Appreciation - Courage - Passion

Premix Values

Our company culture is based on our values:  appreciation, courage, and passion.

All our employees are committed to our values; they are essential to our everyday work. Our values form the foundation of how we do business, giving us a clear direction and a moral compass. We also support each other’s personal growth and development by evaluating annually how well we have lived and acted according to these values. Based on our values, we resolve problems and make decisions, build our products, improve ourselves, and create success. These things help us to create a safe and successful future.



We consider and encounter people as individuals. We make sure that they are understood and feel that they are appreciated. Our appreciation is visible both in major policies and day-to-day actions – taking the environment and people into consideration.We genuinely understand our customers and are trustworthy partners. Cooperation gives rise to shared added value and success. Mutual trust lays the foundation for a work culture in which everyone can develop and prosper individually. 


As trailblazers, we revise both our own operations and our operating environment. We find new perspectives and innovate. We promote the development of our customers’ businesses by helping to generate new ideas and offering new solutions and services. Together, we renew ourselves. We encourage ourselves and each other to throw ourselves into new things and to excel. We dare to try without being afraid of mistakes and present differing opinions in an appreciative way to reach the optimum outcome.  



Our enthusiasm is contagious and inspires us always to do our best. Together, we make the nearly impossible possible. ​ We are committed to high quality, premium service, and successful cooperation. Our passion for customer work and technology means engagement in developing new.​ Meaningful work in an immersive working community inspires and encourages us to always perform our work with high quality.

Do you share the same values, want to join us?