Premix Trading (Shanghai) Ltd

We operate locally and globally

Our local sales office was opened in Shanghai, China, in 2015. Premix Trading Shanghai Ltd supports our Chinese customers and Premix's global accounts operating in China. Premix's China team works side by side with Premix's headquarters teams to ensure smooth and seamless business development and customer service in China. ​​

Shanghai Qizheng International Trading Co has been Premix's distributor since 2015. You can meet our distributor together with us at local industry events.​

Industry and ecosystem knowhow

In China, we focus on providing reliable and high-quality materials for the healthcare sector. We are especially known and recognized for the state-of-art pipette tip materials for robotic tips. We are familiar with global ecosystems and industry requirements, understand global supply chains and enable continued supply.

Our polymer modification experts actively scan our focus industries and involve customers in joint development actions. We also tailor customer-specific solutions for guaranteed supply security, logistics, and warehousing. ​


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Premix ensured the rapid growth of global PCR testing through fast production scale-up and 100% supply accuracy of electrically conductive plastic, the key raw material of robotic automation pipette tips.

Premix’s pipette tip materials have been recognized as an industry reference since the 1990s when the first liquid-handling robots were launched. ​​Since then, Premix has been developing material properties, production technology, and process capabilities in close cooperation with diagnostics OEMs, liquid handling manufacturers, and medical molders.​​ 

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