Designed with 40 years of experience in compounding electrically conductive plastics

Compounds for a wide range of applications, where static electricity creates problems, will be available from the new Premix plant in Apple Creek Industrial Park in the Charlotte region, North Carolina. Manufacturing will start in early 2025.

What makes our brand-new facilities so special?​

  • Designed for high-yield, high-quality operations.
  • Specialized in polyolefin materials for extrusion or injection molding.
  • A factory specialized in using carbon black as a functional filler. 
  • Very modern equipment and highly automated
  • Short lead times for our “Made in USA” materials and the full range of Premix materials through local warehousing.​
  • The facilities are designed with an ambitious sustainability mindset. 
  • Ability to expand into other functional materials.

Premix Inc., Gastonia, North Carolina​
Plastic compound manufacturing plant, under construction, opening in 2025

Discover our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in the US in just one minute! This facility marks a significant milestone in our journey, built on 40 years of expertise in compounding electrically conductive plastics.

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