Premix Code of Conduct

The Foundation of our business is in commonly defined values, which are: customer promise, appreciation, passion, and growth. 

Our values are visible in our everyday working lives reflecting our daily behaviour. We want to be trustworthy and act responsibly and ethically towards our customers, partners, employees, directors and all other counterparts in Business.

Our key priority is to develop and maintain a financially stable and prosperous business. We want to be accountable towards our employees, business associates as well as the society. The Premix Group (hereinafter “Premix” or “We”) board has approved these ethical codes and will monitor, with help of our management team, managers, and employees, that these are followed.



1. Compliance with the laws and other regulation

We, in Premix, comply with the laws and rules wherever We operate. Laws and directives set the minimum standard for our way of working and on top of this, steers our operations by various standards and voluntary commitments. We comply with good business practice and demand the same from our business partners and suppliers.
We operate all over the world, so cultural differences may have an influence on our decision- making process. In decision making, We shall always comply with the strictest standards, regardless if those are based on either national or international regulation. Therefore, We want to refer to the Premix way of working or our Code of Conduct. It is important to bear in mind, that if some practice does not comply with the law, it is neither ethically acceptable to Premix.

2. Working environment

2.1 Occupational safety and health care
Occupational health care, safety, and well-being is of utmost importance to us here in Premix. We take occupational safety very seriously and work constantly towards our goal; which is an “accident free” working environment.

2.2 Leadership and processes
We in Premix, expect every director, manager, and employee, to follow our commonly defined values and processes. We encourage every Premix employee to embrace respect and trust, by acting themselves as a prime example according to processes and guidelines.
We want to secure necessary knowledge of every Premix employee to enable them to do their work in accordance with the highest standards. To ensure that Premix evolves, We train our personnel and encourage everyone to develop themselves.

2.3 Discrimination
We in Premix, do not accept any kind of discrimination. All employees are to be treated equally, irrespective of race, religion, age, gender, pregnancy, marital status, parenthood, invalidity, sexual orientation, labor union, or political opinion. Employees are to be treated with respect. These principles are also applied to our business partner’s employees and their representatives.

2.4 Inappropriate behaviour and sexual harassment
We in Premix, expect that every employee has a right to personal integrity. Any kind of physical and verbal - direct or indirect offence - is (in whatever meaning) prohibited. We do not approve of abusive or inappropriate behaviour.

2.5 Prohibition of child and forced labor
We in Premix, do not use child or forced labor in any way, and do not cooperate with business partners or subcontractors who use such labor.

3. Fair competition

We in Premix, always compete fairly and ethically with the highest degree of integrity in accordance with the national and international legislation. We comply with the competition laws wherever We operate.

Our competitive edge rests on high quality products and services. We ensure that our advertisement and all communication give a trustworthy picture of our products and services.

4. Environment and Sustainability

We in Premix, are committed to global Responsible Care program. We operate according to guiding principles of “Responsible Care” and legal requirements. We continuously improve our functions in the field of environmental protection, occupational safety, health care, plant safety, product stewardship, and logistics.

Logo of Responsible Care sustainability programme

5. Risks and conflicts

5.1 Conflict of Interest
Conflict of interest exists when our personal benefits and our duties as an employee or as a company spokesman contradicts with our actions.
Conflict of interest may relate to entertainment, corporate gifts, charity, political support, or close relationship between business partners or competitors. We in Premix, always base our decisions on fairness, equality and moral ethics, so that our personal benefit does not become affected by our decisions.

5.2 Inappropriate payments or benefits (corruption)
We in Premix, never offer, give, approve or accept any kind of financial or other kind of benefit in return of a favor or treat, and do not try to affect (in any way), the business results. We comply with all laws related to anti-bribery and anti-corruption.

5.3 Business gifts and entertainment
We in Premix, do not approve, offer, or ask for any kind of hospitality or gifts which may affect our own, or our business associate’s decision-making or present such an opinion. All given, and taken, gifts or hospitalities have to be reasonable and appropriate.

6. Suppliers and business associates

We in Premix, want to maintain and develop business relationships which are beneficial to both parties. Suppliers, customers as well as business associates. Our business relationships are based on honesty, trust, and immunity to external influences. We in Premix, also demand that our business associates share our code of conduct.

Our suppliers shall act responsibly and respect our following principles and values: compliance with all the applicable laws, respect of human rights, prohibition of child and forced labor, prohibition of corruption, and also to try to follow sustainable way of working.
This obligation also applies to contracts made with third parties.

7. Data protection and confidentiality

We respect Premix’s and our stakeholder’s confidential information. We ensure that all confidential information brought to our knowledge is secured and safe.

We respect everyone’s right to data protection and data privacy when personal data is processed.

Protection of confidential information is reflected in all our processes, daily work and our way of communicating at Premix.

8. Breach of the code of conduct

We in Premix, demand that all the employees and directors follow these ethical principles in their work life and are held accountable for following these procedures. Employee’s duty of loyalty refrains the employee from behaving in a manner that would be contrary to his employer’s interests. In principle, the employee must not act or comment in a way that shows the employer, its customers or  co-operatives in a negative light. This applies to acting in social media, too.

We encourage our employees, business associates and stakeholders to tell us if they suspect that someone is acting against the law or Premix’s Code of Conduct.

We truly believe that sincerity helps us to act responsibly and according to the legislation. It is the duty of all Premix employees to know latest guidance related to their own work. If there is any doubt how to act, or you have any questions, please ask your manager. You can also contact our HR department or your management team.

If someone acts against this ethical guidance it might lead into termination of labor contract or other appropriate sanction. In addition, the termination of employment contract must always have legal grounds based on employment contract act.