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A successful company is made of people who feel good about the work they do

Premix is a family-owned company whose history dates back to the 1980’s. The founder of our company, Antti Kiikka, still sits at the Premix Board while his daughter, Hanna Ristola, now runs the company. Hanna’s brother, Tuomas Kiikka, heads the RF Materials business unit.

We are strongly developing our operations and our industry. In our vision we have defined that our sales revenue is increasing by more than 10% a year. We believe that a successful company is based on inspired people who feel good about the work they do. We guarantee this by making sure that our people are well led and empowered. Thus, we put a strong emphasis on our leadership processes and coaching skillfulness.

Premix Board

Although we are family-run company, we have found that a Board consisting of professionals also outside the industry brings much value to our operations. The Board is very energetic and inspires all of us for growth. New innovative ideas emerge at each board meeting. Antti Kiikka, Premix founder acted as Chairman of the Board for decades, but on April 2017 Kalle Reponen was chosen as the next Chairman of the Board. Other Board members are: Mika Toikka, Lars Gädda, Antti Kiikka, Hanna Ristola and Tuomas Kiikka.

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I am happy to run a company with huge growth targets and potential. Our team of dedicated, enthusiastic experts just keeps getting bigger and better! In addition to technical expertise and know-how, we value the good chemistry between people. At Premix, we are dynamic, passionate and full of laughter and appreciation towards one another. We are committed to a first-class customer experience and cherish our values that are not only words on the wall – we live them true every day.

- Hanna Ristola, Managing Director

Meet the Premix Management Team!

Premix Group Management Team

Front row, from the left: Tuomas Kiikka, Mirja Nissen, Hanna Ristola
Back row, from the left: Mika Silventoinen, Gordon Holscher, Mari Lippojoki, Eira Kärjä, Kari Nieminen. Mira Povelainen missing from the photo.

One of Premix's slogans is "Let's make a good mix" - we believe it applies both to material solutions and to people!

Hanna Ristola, Managing Director
Following his father's footsteps, Hanna  firmly steers the company towards its vision. She is an inspiring leader who isn't afraid to take up on a challenge. In 2018, Hanna received a recognition from the Growth Collective Finland movement for her courageous attitude and positive character - qualities we Premix employees greatly value in her!

Tuomas Kiikka, Business Director, High Frequency Solutions
The man behind the innovation of PREPERM® material and head of our RF Materials (High Frequency Solutions) business unit. Solving challenges together with the customer really gets him going! Tuomas is constantly challenging himself and his team to over-exceed the customer’s expectations.

Mirja Nissen, Chief Financial Officer
In Finance and IT, we trust in Mirja’s efficiency, logical reasoning and the ability to see the big picture. Besides being analytical and strategic-minded, she has the rare ability to make difficult things easy to understand.

Mika Silventoinen, Supply Chain Director
A hardcore professional of supply chain management and production. Also the most expensive man of the company! In the past few years, Mika has successfully followed-through many important investment and development projects, making sure we have what it takes to be able to grow.

Gordon Holscher, Asia-Pacific Director
With extensive Sales and Manufacturing-related experience, Gordon is the right man to head our operations in China. He is a true cosmopolite and an expert in intercultural relations. He is often referred to as a manager who excels at coaching people to achieve their best and has a fierce determination to see the company and all those around him succeed.


Kari Nieminen, Business Director, High Performance Compounds
Kari has been responsible for several departments during his three decades at Premix. He is one of the key persons steering the company to its current world-leading position. Today, he is in charge of the Electrically Conductive Plastics (High Performance Compounds) business unit. As he puts it - time flies when having fun!

Mari Lippojoki, HR Director
Mari’s main task is to support Premix's success story through people - by helping our personnel to grow, succeed and feel good at Premix. At this, she utilizes her long HR experience from large international companies, making sure our defined HR processes are followed. Hopefully this will show not only internally but also to our customers as a great quality and service!

Eira Kärjä, Marketing Director 
An experienced sales professional who has grown together with the company. Eira enjoys creating something new together with customers and colleagues. If you ask Eira, there is no such thing as "no-can-do"! She now utilizes her years' of expertise for the benefit of all Premix customers.

Mira Povelainen, Business Director, Antimicrobial Solutions
Mira is the latest addition to the Premix Management Team. She has a solid background in research and business development and a forever-curious mindset. She highly appreciates Premix’s growth-seeking, courageous attitude and is eager to help Premix head for the future by finding and creating new business.

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