Social Responsibility

Premix's secret sauce is the great people on board, and we want to ensure their safety, health, and well-being in any way we can. And not just the Premix people but our customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

We treat our employees, customers, and other stakeholders fairly and ethically. Valuing diversity and equality is our priority, and we have zero tolerance for discrimination. We want to be trustworthy and act responsibly and ethically towards our customers, partners, employees, directors, and all other counterparts in Business. We expect the same high level of integrity and responsibility also from our suppliers, distributors, and other business associates. We believe all this positively affects the customer interface.

We are fully committed to ensuring Premix personnel feel good at work and have a balanced, rewarding work life. We support remote work and flexible working hours whenever the work role enables that. We appreciate a low hierarchy as well as an open atmosphere. We support people in their professional growth, encourage them to influence and develop things openly and reward our employees for good innovations. Active listening to our personnel, customers, and other stakeholders is our key to sustainable cooperation. Regular surveys and active reactions to feedback are an important part of our toolbox.

Health, Safety & Wellbeing

We are devoted to ensuring these practices: 

  • Qualified leadership work, e.g., by ensuring all Premix line managers are Certified Human Leaders®
  • Annual competence development plans for each employee
  • Systematically supported job rotation and internal recruitment
  • Regular employee feedback through surveys
  • Following up and improving our Ecovadis Labour & Human Rights and Ethics rating for the whole supply chain.
  • Different actions supporting the physical, mental, and social well-being of employees
  • Protective safety and guidance

Equality and non-discrimination

Equality is a top priority for us, and according to our employee surveys, we are doing very well here. To keep it this way, we make sure that

  • We have clear and common policies and processes regarding equality
  • We have zero tolerance for discrimination
  • All personnel commit to work and act according to the Premix Code of Conduct.

We want to be trustworthy and act responsibly and ethically towards our customers, partners, employees, directors, and all other counterparts in Business.

Future actions

By the year 2025, we will

  • All recruitment processes start anonymously
  • Take into use an external whistle-blower channel for reporting, for example, unethical or discriminatory behavior.
  • Update and train our Code of Conduct regularly and require our employees and stakeholders to obey it.
  • Make sure all new company cars are hybrid or fully electric.
  • Ensure that all our workplace safety instructions exist both in Finnish and English and that they are trained for all employees frequently and visitors every time at a sufficient level.
  • Have an active job safety analysis and active safety root cause analysis.
  • Premix Board and Management Team will perform regular safety walks.
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We believe in good chemistry - not just in our products, but in people too!

Mari Lippojoki, HR Director, Premix

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