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Premix has a long history of providing specialty plastics and related services to the key players in the diagnostics and life science industries.

Premix’s specialty plastics secure better healthcare all around the globe as Premix offers reliable solutions for the most demanding material needs for diagnostics and life science.

Nowadays, electrically conductive plastics are critical materials in In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) in capacitive liquid level sensing, lab analytics, and various other medical applications.

Materials that matter — soon available on two continents

We are experts in creating and producing functional plastic materials. Our solutions are more than just traditional plastics—they play an active role in the product or process they are integrated into. Our tailored material solutions control, for example, static electricity and enable material functionality in various applications.

Premix is a widely recognized expert in polymer modification. We have broad know-how in processing methods and carbon black. The state-of-the-art facilities and change control management are fine-tuned to the needs and standards of the diagnostics industry.

We will double our production capacity in 2025 when we open our new modern manufacturing plant in the Charlotte region, North Carolina. When opening the new plant, we can offer our US customers better service with plants on two continents, as the new plant will guarantee better global supply capability and mitigate risks in global supply chains.

Industry reference materials set the performance standard of automated liquid handling pipette tips

PRE-ELEC® electrically conductive plastic compound was validated for the first liquid-handling robots in the 1990s. Since then, Premix has developed material properties, production technology, and process capabilities in close cooperation with diagnostics OEMs, liquid handling manufacturers, and medical molders.

These mass-production-friendly materials enable faster cycle times and scaling up for higher cavitation tools. When the first 128 cavity pipette tip mold was premiered by Netstal Maschinen AG at the K2016 show, PRE-ELEC® was naturally chosen as showcase demonstration material. Today, we are recognized as a trusted pioneer, trained by the high standards and tight production tolerances of the IVD industry.

In addition to pipette tips, electrically conductive plastics secure functionality and reliability in other diagnostics areas. Conductive plastics control static electricity in technical parts of liquid handling instruments, and conductive pipette tip racks discharge static electricity while handling transparent, insulative pipette tips.

Sometimes, the black color's function is to prevent reflections in optical measurements, such as fluorescence detection. Typically, these applications require very consistent pigment content. In those cases, Premix's carbon black dispersion expertise and technology enable the tailoring of black compounds with extra precise and homogenous carbon black distribution throughout the polymer matrix.

Premix can offer optimized plastic compounds for various consumables and IVD and Life Science test platforms, including pipette tips, microplates, cartridges, cuvettes, reagents, and sample containers. We are committed to finding the best possible material solution in close collaboration with our customers.

Premix will open a modern compounding plant in North Carolina in 2025

The new plant will allow Premix’s North American customers to enjoy local production and services, ensuring faster delivery speed and high reliability. The location has been chosen to best serve the growing region of advanced manufacturing in the southeastern U.S.

The brand-new manufacturing plant with modern manufacturing lines and equipment will secure a supply of critical diagnostics materials in the U.S. and is financed by the U.S. Department of Defense, which awarded Premix a contract to establish a plastic compound manufacturing plant in North Carolina’s Gaston County.​​

Co-creation and development

Our mission is to improve the quality and standard of healthcare and medical materials. We are known as passionate and dedicated experts who develop the whole industry in partnership with our customers. Over the years, together with our customers, we have created material solutions for several applications and devices that improve the safety of people, processes, and operations.

Our desire is to join forces with our customers to innovate more sustainable material solutions for the healthcare, medicine, and pharmaceutical industries.

We also offer product development and laboratory services based on our expertise in functional plastics and carbon black know-how.

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